Legally Changing My Name

Photo by: Me

I have made the decision to legally change my name. It is a big step that I will make, but I want to do it. I never really cared for my name. When I was younger, I would change my name all of the time: Heidi, Heather, Camilla, Natasha, and many others. Something other than my name. If that wasn’t a clue, I don’t know what was. The story behind my name is what I don’t like. I want a different name. A unique name. A name that I would be proud to announce. I want a name that fits my personality. Thus, I chose Abrielle. Abrielle means “God Is My Strength”. I have been through a lot in my life and he has been there for me the entire time. It also has the meaning for those that have vibrant personalities, leadership abilities, and enjoy helping others. That’s me. I’m keeping my last name though. The middle name I chose was Aliah. I know that I will catch hell for this, but I have to do what makes me happy. I can’t live my life following other people’s standards. I have to be me. My own person. That’s all. 

You all don’t even realize how freaking excited I am to do this. I printed out the Application of Change of Name for Adults a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards, I filled it out. I plan on filing the paperwork Monday which is the day before my birthday. This will be my birthday present to myself. I just hope that my application is granted and I will be able to change my name on all of my documents. I’m praying that it would. It’s gonna cost me $130.00. That’s not too much. For the state of Ohio, I have to follow a procedure to change my name in the county that I live in: 

  • File the application (filing cost is $130.00). The price depends on the county you live in.
  • Get the notice published in a newspaper at least thirty days before the hearing date (the court will do this).
  • Attend the hearing. 
  • If granted, I will received court papers in the mail saying that it has been approved. 

Every state and their counties have different procedures and prices on what to do when requesting a name change. If you want to do something that is your passion, go after it. 

I can’t wait for this. Wish me luck. 

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