For the past few months, I have been on frustration plantation due to a whole lot of personal problems. First of all, getting health insurance coverage for Crystiana was hell. I put in my request to receive health insurance for her back in September of last year. I gave my caseworker the verification for my pregnancy. Since then, I never received a call back from her on the status of my application. It was really pissing me off. I called her multiple times trying to get the information but I couldn’t reach her. I left voicemail after voicemail for her to give me a call back. Nothing happened. It put me in one hell of a funky mood, you know? I was stressed and worried that it wouldn’t be handled on time. Other health care providers gave me false information about her coverage, giving me a false membership ID that didn’t have her name on it. Her name on there was Baby Girl Brown. Shaking my head.

It seemed like the only way I could get assistance was to physically go down to the Neighborhood Family Service Center. It’s crazy how the only way I could communicate with her was on the telephone at the center. I couldn’t see her in person. They are really slick about this and I didn’t like that. Not one bit. So, finally earlier this year, I received papers in the mail stating that she was going to be eligible for Medicaid for Children by April 1, 2017. Damn finally. It was about time. So, I received her Medicaid card in the mail on that same day. The NFSC required me to enroll Crystiana in a manage care plan. So, I enroll her in Caresource which is the same health insurance I have. I get MyCare Ohio, a combination of Medicare and Medicaid because I receive medical for the elderly, blind, and disabled. Everything was settled. I am satisfied. I was not about to pay for all of these hospital bills for her until her medical insurance came through. 

Another problem I am having is the relationship I have with my one of my family members. She is really judgmental about how I take care of my daughter. It was an insult to me that she told me that it didn’t take that long for me to complete certain tasks for her, like changing her diaper and fixing bottles. Her tone was just disrespectful to say the least. I wish that she would let me parent my daughter the best way I can. One thing that she isn’t about to keep on doing is continue to say those foul comments about how I cannot do this and that when taking care of a child. Step aside. It’s annoying. I just decided to distance myself from her and be around positive people that encourage and support me. I am not feeling being in her presence at the moment. I moved to Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland. Sometimes, I wish she would understand how it feels to be in my shoes living one-handed in a two-handed world. It is not easy. Let’s try to be understanding and have some sympathy for others.

I had a lot to get off my chest, and it was slowly building up inside. I feel relieved now that I released it. Thanks everyone.

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