Motherhood So Far

So far, motherhood has been an easy transition from my normal daily routine. My day is completely centered around her needs and wants. She is one of those babies that want to be held all the time. Even now, when she is four months old, she still acts like that. It is funny as hell though. I can’t help but laugh at her. It is so cute to me. She is getting used to my family and I not holding her as much. That is what I am trying to do with her. We got her an electric swing for her to rock in at my house. When she goes to my dad’s house, she has a rocker chair that moves up and down, as well as rotate back and forth with music. I can’t always hold her. I have other tasks that I need to do. The swings came at a perfect time. They are truly a lifesaver. 

Within four months, she has accomplished so much. At only a month old, she rolled over by herself. I caught it on video. I was flabbergasted that she did that. It was amazing. In the same month, she was moving to the song, “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars. My sister introduced that song to us and I have played that for her religiously since then. Well, that’s how her nickname Magic started. She has a few more nicknames like Weasel (from my mom), Buttons (from her paternal grandmother), and Lil’ Momma. Right now, she is reaching out to me and touching my face. She is also trying to sit up by herself. Crissy is even starting to scoot. Oh my gosh. It is too much for me to take in. It is just ludicrous (in a good way) how my baby girl is progressing. Go momma!!!!

Sometimes, Crissy and I communicate with each other. She is at the stage where she is cooing more frequently. Some of the sounds that she makes can resemble words like, “Yeah”, “No”, and “Wow” Those are just some examples. I wasn’t expecting that out of such a young baby. She is definitely moving quickly with her developmental skills. I am such a proud mother. I love waking up to Crystiana smiling at me. It melts my heart to see that cute little round face with that big grin on her face. So freaking adorable. 

I’m not gonna lie there are times where I just wanna pull out my hair and run away. Any mother can say motherhood is frustrating at times. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. It is a reward being a mother. Crystiana is my baby. My heart. My first love. There is no greater love than what a mother has for her child. I pray and thank God everyday for choosing me to be her mother. She is THE BEST gift I have received. I’m looking forward to more years of happiness and joy. 

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