Pregnancy Apps+Epilepsy Awareness Study

Throughout my pregnancy, I have been using apps to track my pregnancy and to see how my baby is growing every week. They are really helpful and informative. There are three pregnancy apps that I have been utilizing and they are, The Baby Bump App, The Glow Nurture App, and The Pregnancy Tracker App. Each app has a different feature installed in each one, and there are also similarities between them.

Photo by: Baby Bump

Photo by: Baby Bump

Baby Bump is a great pregnancy app that gives daily articles about things to consider during your pregnancy. It also provides a detailed description of what to expect with your child’s development each week, as well as how your body changes. In addition, it has support groups that you can participate in. There is a section on there where you can pick and save the names that you may choose for your baby. You can also record your baby’s movements and time your contractions.

Photo by: Glow Nurture

Photo by: Glow Nurture


Glow Nurture is a pregnancy tracker app that allows you to track the growth of the fetus. You get to countdown the days until your due date and see how long the baby is and how much your baby weighs. This app also provides a community section in which you can share your journey with pregnancy. Just like the previous app, the app gives daily and weekly articles about what’s to be expected and view helpful articles about certain topics related to pregnancy.

Photo by: The Pregnancy Tracker

Photo by: The Pregnancy Tracker

The Pregnancy Tracker App is another pregnancy app that I used. Just like the other apps, you can also read daily articles about pregnancy- related topics, as well as read featured articles. Above each daily article, you will find a section that separate each trimester by different colors. You can also track your pregnancy in a journal. It also allows you to see how the baby is growing, what to expect that week, and what to consider on doing before birth. You can set reminders and track the baby’s weight, your weight, the baby’s length, and your tummy size.

I got an opportunity to participate in an epilepsy awareness study from the hospital that I see my neurologist at. I decided to take it. I go in Friday to get a screening. Afterwards, I go through an eight week program lending support to other people living with epilepsy online. We all get a chance to talk about our experiences living with it. It’s a great thing to do. I’m all for epilepsy awareness. After each part of the study, each participant gets paid for doing it.

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