Exercising While Pregnant

During my pregnancy, I have been experimenting with prenatal yoga. I have always wanted to try out yoga, but I never really got the chance to. So, I’m trying it now. I like it. It is relaxing and isn’t too strenuous on my body. I want to stay active and fit for myself, as well as for my baby. I checked out videos and downloaded a few apps on my iPad about yoga. I’ve been doing the exercises little by little carefully. I’m not the most flexible person in the world. But, I’m trying my best. I think that I’m doing good for a newbie. I hope to continue doing yoga and to stick to an exercise regime. In addition to the yoga exercises, I have also been doing squats, lunges, bridges, and just walking. I’m not overdoing anything. If I feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, I stop. I’m entering into my third trimester on Wednesday, and I think it’s fair for me to take it slow and easy. At one point, I was walking and my feet started to swell and were hurting. I immediately went back home and elevated my feet. Fortunately, I was with my boyfriend and he helped me get back home. Overall the benefit of exercising is great, not only for health reasons, but it helps during labor and delivery. 

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