Bonding With My Baby+Baby’s First Movements

Experiencing my baby girl’s first movements was amazing. The first time I felt her move was at 18 weeks pregnant. It was like a tumbling sensation. It was cute. At first, she would make tiny little movements. Now that I’m 23 weeks pregnant, they are more profound and easier to feel. As of lately, it has been feeling like she is pounding on my stomach. I’m expecting more of that though. She mostly be on the right side and in the middle of my stomach. Every once in a while, she would wiggle herself on the left and have a party over there. She has moved for her daddy and grandma too. They are excited and love it. Plus, everyone loves talking to her and touching my stomach. I’m not really comfortable with anyone touching my stomach because I’m very sensitive there. I definitely am bonding with her.

Throughout the pregnancy, I have been reading to her and exposing her to music, some being music that I listen to, as well as classical music. I know. I know. Classical music is boring to some. In all actuality, it’s soothing and it helps with the child’s brain development. I decided to try it. I’m curious and enjoy doing new things. I try to read to her every night or whenever I get a chance to. Following after that, is listening to the music. She seems to like it and responds to my voice every time I read. Currently, I have been attempting to record her movements on video just to see the progression of them. I believe that the mother should develop a relationship with her child while in the womb. It gives the mother and the baby an opportunity to create a connection between one another. 

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