Epilepsy While Pregnant

For the most part, my pregnancy has been going smoothly. Yesterday, I got one of my wisdom teeth extracted. It was impacted. I am glad that I got that out of the way. I have been trying to get that tooth out for a while now, but my dentist was worried about giving me the surgery because of course, my epilepsy. To be honest, I don’t see how because I have had a tooth extracted in the past and they were not worried about it before.

With me being 23 weeks pregnant, everything is moving so quickly. Before you know it, December will be here and I will be giving birth to my baby girl. I started suffering from depression symptoms on and off for about two to three days at a time and then be back to my normal self. Sometimes, other more serious symptoms started surfacing. I decided to seek out the help from a licensed counselor in my area. I had a feeling that my depressive thoughts and actions may be due to one of my seizure medications, the keppra. I looked up the side effects of the medication. Every symptom that I was experiencing matched to the side effects from keppra. I called my neurologist’s nurse and told her about my symptoms. Mind you, I am at 2,900 mg of keppra. That’s high. Before, she did decrease it from 3,600 mg. It was improvement from the previous dosage. We both agreed that it would be best for me to be tapered off of the keppra and to increase the lamictal. I was happy. I’ve been on keppra for five years and it has given me hell. I have finally broke free from it. I can breathe now. The schedule for me was to slowly decrease the keppra dosage every five days until it was at the final dose. I couldn’t be more happier. At the same time, I was advised to slowly increase the lamictal until I reached 200 mg. I would stay at the same dosage for my carbamazepine. 

First Five Days:

·    Keppra: 1,000 mg (in the morning); 500 mg (at night)

·    Lamictal: 150 mg (in the morning); 150 mg (at night)

Next Five Days: 

·    Keppra: 500 mg (in the morning); 500 mg (at night)

·    Lamictal: 150 mg (in the morning); 200 mg (at night)

Final Five Days:

·    Keppra: O mg (in the morning); 500 mg (at night) 

·    Lamictal: 200 mg (in the morning); 200 mg (at night)

She warned me that during the time of my medication changes I would possibly have a seizure. It happened. I had a couple of auras (simple partial seizures) a few days before it happened. It was a strong seizure afterwards. I’m thankful that I had a family member nearby to watch over me during the aftermath. Weeks after the changes in the medications, it has been amazing. No major seizures. If it does happen again, which I’m not expecting it to, I downloaded an app on my phone called the Simple Seizure Diary. It saves me from bringing my seizure diary everywhere I go. Later on, I can record it in my diary. It’s just as simple as that.

Having epilepsy shouldn’t be something to stress over. Everything will be fine. Don’t think that it may hinder your pregnancy or your life in general. Have positive thoughts about the situation. Every woman’s experience with epilepsy during pregnancy and in life is different. One thing that stays the same is the faith that we have in ourselves to do what’s best for us and our child. You are capable of doing great things. Strive for the best. You can achieve it and you will. You are strong epilepsy kings and queens. Keep pushing. 

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