New Emojis Depict Range Of Abilities


Photo by: Disability Scoop

Photo by: Disability Scoop

There are various emojis available. Currently, there is only one in support of disability awareness. A London- based disability advocacy company called Scope has developed eighteen new emojis that describes more forms of physical limitations that people have. 

The emojis include those individuals with amputated limbs, have guide dogs, use hearing aids, crutches, and wheelchairs. It’s amazing and spreads awareness and understanding of each one of these. In addition to that, they have created emojis of people in the Paralympics and Olympic Games. 

I think that the blue wheelchair sign is not enough to represent every range of disabilities out there in the world. There is a lack of diversity. It’s time to give more awareness out there and integrate everyone in the new age of technology. 

The emojis that have been developed by Scope are available to download. The team at Scope hope that their emojis will persuade the Unicode Consortium, which is the organization that is in charge of emojis, to publicly release their emojis so that every person can use them. 


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