Left- Handed Yoropen

Being left- handed, I find myself grasping a pen or pencil and then have ink smudges on my pinkie finger. That can be a huge pain. There is a new product to help prevent that. It is called the Left- Handed Yoropen. It creates the perfect pen grip and prevents smudging. It provides less effort for the individual to use. The triangular soft rubber grip part of the Yoropen can be rotated to allow the person to have a comfortable writing position for the individual’s style of choice.

The Yoropen is both designed as a pen, as well as a pencil. This product has a visual space feature so that the angle of the pen makes sure that it does not block the person’s field of vision. The writer is capable to see what him or her is writing. In regards to children, it is a great tool to use because it will help them write precisely and aids to alleviate pain and discomfort. 

In addition to that, the Yoropen has an adjustable grip. The tripod on the Yoropen is very unique than on traditional pens. It provides rotation in order to help the individual find his or her preferred writing position. The writers can adjust the pen and change the position of their fingers to create an easier writing style and have fun while doing it. 

The Yoropen’s offset head position helps to achieve three important handwriting positions:

  1. Keep one inch (25 mm) between the fingers and the paper to give a clear view of what the person is writing and avoid smudging. 
  2. Give one foot (300 mm) of space between your eyes and the paper so you can focus better without bending over. 
  3. Allows one fist width (about 4 inches/100 mm) of space between your body and the desk or writing area so that it provides you with a good spine position. 

Source: www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk/acatalog/yoropens.html 

Photo by: The Left- Handers Club

Photo by: The Left- Handers Club

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