Finding Out The Gender Of The Baby+Anatomy Scan

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

The next ultrasound I got was on July 19th. This one determined the sex of the baby. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous like everyone else thought I would be. It was taking FOREVER for this day to arrive. During that time, I was reading up on old wives tales about how to predict the sex of the baby and doing other activities. I was bored out of my mind. I was calm during the appointment. I found out that I was expecting a baby girl. My dad was in the room with me when the ultrasound was taking place. He couldn’t believe it and was so happy for me. He’s elated for having another grandchild. I’m extremely excited. Since I was a little girl, I always said that I wanted two children. The first child being a boy, then a girl. I got the girl first. I’m not disappointed or anything. I see it as a blessing to have a little mini me. On the other hand, the father wanted a little girl due to the daddy- daughter relationship. Plus, he also has a three year old girl. I love her so much. She is so sweet and we have a great relationship. When I gave the news to everyone, a majority of them told me that they knew for a fact that it was girl. I just laughed and shook my head. All I had to say was that, “You guys were right.” The only ones that were expecting me to have a boy or were neutral, other than myself, was my mother, my niece/best friend in my family, Tricie, and three of my friends. 

Photo by: Me 20 Week Pregnant

Photo by: Me
20 Week Pregnant

My baby girl is healthy and growing normally. Her heart, bladder, spine, brain, and other organs are looking great. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. The scan for Down syndrome came back negative. I just turned twenty weeks yesterday. So far, my pregnancy has been going smoothly. My belly is growing little by little. I’ve been getting compliments that I look cute pregnant. I’ve gotten comments that my hair was developing red highlights and I was sporting the pregnancy glow. I appreciate it all. I have compiled a list of names that I was considering naming her. I always liked names that ended in an a or e and that began with the letters ab, c, gm, and n. It always occurred to me that my child’s name would be young but not “urban”. I have decided to name her Crystiana Elise. The last name is still up in the air. It’s either going to be my last name or a combination of both of our names. I can’t wait to go shopping for the baby really soon and planning for other events to come. 

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