Friendly Beds

Friendly Beds focuses on improved safety (for person and caregiver), independence, mobility, self-esteem, strength conditioning, etc.

Photo by: Friendly Beds

Photo by: Friendly Beds

Main Points for “Friendly Beds”– addresses mobility problems of Parkinson’s, frail elderly, stroke, MS, MD, CP, arthritis, spinal cord injury, etc.

  • Injury/fall prevention- heavy duty components allowing a person to “help themselves” preventing injury to person and caregiver.
  • Strength conditioning possibilities- exercise (in disguise) for overall health improvements.
  • Allows couples to remain sleeping together despite mobility issues- a choice they never had before.
  • Independence/self-esteem improvements- ease in self-repositioning for comfort and reduced risk of bed sores.
  • Helps keep people where they prefer to be – at home.
  • Less than two weeks in a SNF and far less than the cost of a serious injury to person or caregiver.
  • The transfer bar option for people with little/no leg strength is unique and critical for some people to remain home at all times.
  • Friendly Beds is something new, innovative, and unique- there is no other product with a three foot long trapeze, heavy duty pivoting assist rails, attached balance pole, over-the-mattress nightstands, a transfer bar (for people with little/no leg strength), etc. Product allows people to sleep in their normal wide bed (with space to roll over or sleep with a bed partner) despite the issues of age/disability- a choice that never existed before. Featured in StrokeSmart and New Mobility magazines, on,,, etc.

Customer examples- elderly stroke couples needing all the help they can get to remain at home (and sleeping in the same bed), man with advanced MS already discussing a move to Assisted Living (now back in his queen bed with his wife), call from a crying Parkinson’s woman wanting to sleep in bed again after sleeping in a recliner for years, woman with painful arthritis able to remain in independent living because she can easily do bed transfers now, paraplegic woman paying someone to put her to bed and get her up in the morning and if a fire at night she would not survive (now transferring herself with the transfer bar option- see Darrel’s picture), etc. There is no other product that offers the strength and benefits that Friendly Beds can. People want to have items that they can trust- especially when they may not even trust their own bodies.

Friendly Beds is perfect for people with mobility difficulties that are putting themselves or their caregivers at risk of injury. No one wants to leave their home and lose their independence.

Published on: February 8, 2016 


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