Official Diagnosis Of Scoliosis+Cobb Angle

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

Good morning everyone. It’s been a minute since I have written on here. School started back and it has been both hectic and exciting at the same time. This semester, I am finally going to start being the co- clinician in my school’s speech and hearing clinic. I am elated about that.

One day I was thinking about my back and how I forgot to go to the hospital to get the x- ray series with measurements for my lower back. Oops. But yeah. Anyways, I decided to go get it finished and over with on Martin Luther King Day. It didn’t take that long to do. Actually, it took ten minutes to complete. In the previous ones, I had to act like a contortionist and twist my body in all different types of directions. It was really painful for me since my back pain was so severe at that time. I took it though because I had to.

I received an email a few days ago from the website that I use to view my medical records. I wanted to see what the report said in order to put an end to the anticipation and anxiety I was having. I discovered that I have mild lumbar levoscoliosis with a cobb angle of seventeen degrees. I’m thankful to have found that out. That’s really what I wanted to know. The severity and measurements of the curve. I had an appointment with the doctor and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in spine reconstructive surgery. He wants me to get a second opinion on my scoliosis and wants me to get checked out as a possible surgical candidate. I think that is absolutely preposterous. I don’t believe that my curve is severe enough to go through my seventh surgery. Uhh… definitely not but I will go just for the hell out of it. I need to get a copy of my x- ray images placed on a DVD which will be done very soon. With any diagnosis, I want you all to stay positive and cheerful. Don’t allow it to tear you down. Let it be something to make you stronger and resilient.

I get a lot of backlash for what I do. I’ve heard everything under the sun from you only focus on the negative to you shouldn’t let your medical conditions define you. First of all, I do not. I am not here to please everyone. I share my life online for a reason and that is to help others who are going through similar situations. It is also a way for me to vent when I do not have any other way to. Not to mention, I do share ways on how to be more independent. I am helping other people out there, as well as becoming an inspiration to them to do what they love. It doesn’t stop here. This is only the beginning.


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