Blogmas Day Sixteen: Update On Counseling+New Techniques

Hey hey everyone. I just wanted to give everyone an update on my counseling sessions that I have been going to this semester. My last session for the semester with my counselor was a week ago and it was great. Basically, we just caught up and I discussed with him some previous problems that I have been dealing with in my life that has caused me a lot of stress. What we have come up with was to continue doing the deep breathing, meditations, and writing down my thoughts in my journal. In addition to that, we explored different options of coming to terms with talking to others who have disappointed me. With that, he suggested that I write a letter to them explaining to them how I feel. He suggested that I try doing activities that I enjoy such as my passion for the Spanish language. I decided to reopen the blog that I had a while back. I will be launching it soon. It is going to make me happy. It is going to take my mind off of everything.

I wanted to try doing yoga to relieve any pressure that I may be feeling. I think it is a great idea. Yoga goes hand in hand with meditation and health relaxation. It was a very enjoyable session. I always come in there with a vibrant and vivacious personality. Counseling has really helped me. I’m more relaxed than ever before. I meditate twice daily. A few people have even told me that they have seen a change in me since I have been attending the sessions. I am going to continue to go. It has definitely become a good influence in my life. 

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