Blogmas Day Fifteen: My First Week On Lamictal

Happy Blogmas Day Fifteen everyone. I just completed my first week out of ten of my new epilepsy medication, lamictal. By the end of the ten weeks, I will permanently be taking 150 mg of it twice daily. The first week of taking it, I was advised to take one 25 mg pill at nighttime. Later on, I will be increasing it to morning dosages. 

My first week wasn’t bad at all. I have only had a few side effects and they are chest pain and dizziness with a headache. It will go away with time. For the time being, I am utilizing home remedies to treat it. I am feeling a whole lot better though. Lamictal also has skin rash as a most common side effect. This is the reason why my doctors are increasing it slowly by the week. My neurologist thought that this was a good choice for me because not only is it treated for seizure disorders, but it is also used to calm down the mood for individuals who have bipolar disorder and/or depression. With what I have been dealing with, I believe it will help as well. I will have to see when my body gets used to the drug in my system. If you have any questions about lamictal, please consult with a professional healthcare provider. 

See you tomorrow. 

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