Blogmas Day Thirteen: A Meaningful Tattoo

Happy Blogmas Day Thirteen. Today is the second anniversary of my epilepsy surgery. I’m thankful for the outcome of the surgery. It gave me my freedom back. I am no longer having weekly seizures anymore. They are usually separated by three months or more depending on the circumstances now. It has went great so far. I have only had two seizures over the course of the year. That’s astounding. This past June I decided to get a tattoo symbolizing my journey with epilepsy. I got a tattoo of a crown with the date of my surgery below and the color for epilepsy which is purple. I thought it was a creative idea. What this tattoo symbolizes is the struggles that every person with epilepsy has and they are conquering it every day. Some people don’t understand why I got this tattoo and that’s okay. I’m here to share my story and spread awareness about this medical condition. Turn a negative situation into a positive one. You may have epilepsy, but it doesn’t have you. Your life with epilepsy is unique. Don’t allow it to break you down. Allow it to make you into a tenacious person. 

What are some things that you have to show your positivity about an epilepsy diagnosis?

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

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