Blogmas Day Twelve: How To Do Your Makeup

Happy Blogmas Day Twelve. One thing that I absolutely enjoy doing is putting on makeup. I’m a very prissy girl. I’m the type of person that will make my face up when I’m going to school or at the grocery store. Some people don’t understand that. You never know who you will run into so, you have to look your best at all times. My favorite colors have to be very vibrant eyeshadows and lip stick shades. For the most part, I use BH cosmetics. I love the variety of eyeshadow palettes they have. My older sister is a freelance makeup artist and does it so well. She is excellent If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area and are looking for a great look for a special occasion, contact her at You can also follow her on instagram at:

I actually taught myself to do my own makeup. I also looked on The Children’s Hemiplegia And Stroke Association website. They have great resources and articles about how to complete your activities of daily living. I have faith that you will learn how to as well. With a lot of practice and dedication, it will turn out perfectly. When I apply makeup to my face, I like to use my weaker hand as much as I can. First, I put on some foundation. I usually go with the liquid foundation because it goes on more smoothly to me. I put a penny sized amount of foundation on my hand and spread it on my face evenly with a cotton pad. Second, I put on eyeshadow. In the picture below, I placed on a dark eyeshadow with red lipstick. There are those times where I apply eyeshadow and it goes over more of the eye than I wanted it to. In order to rectify it, I take some petroleum jelly and rub it off. Trying to apply eyeliner is very difficult for me. Instead, I use black mascara to give my eyes a little pop. Next, I put a pink colored blush on. Not too much though. Just enough where it is visible. Lastly, I put on lip gloss or lipstick. It all depends on what I think fits best with my outfit. I was wearing red lipstick on this picture. It smells like strawberries. I’m going to be trying more shades though just to have options.

It takes practice and a lot of effort to apply makeup when you have physical limitations. You are capable of doing anything. There are many resources that you can look at such as videos, websites, and blogs to learn how others do it. See you tomorrow.

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

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