Blogmas Day Nine: What Is Audism?

What is Audism? The term audism was coined by Tom Humphries in “Communicating Across Cultures (deaf- hearing) And Language Learning.” Audism is the notion that one is superior over others due to their hearing ability or to behave in a way of someone who is able to hear. Those that follow audism beliefs think that a life without having the ability to hear is futile. Also, they have the belief that they should work as much to hear as non- affected individuals. It is kind of like ableism but narrowed down to a specific group of people. Audism is a way of dominating, restructuring, and exercising authority over the deaf community. I am pro- equality and for disability rights. To hear that audists believe in such negative views on the hard of hearing and deaf community still behooves me. We are continuing on working toward more equality between abled- bodied and disabled people and making sure that they get as much equal opportunities in society as possible. As long as you stay true to yourself, continue to speak up for your rights, and demand the respect that you so rightly deserve, your voice and rights will be heard and accepted.

Be proud. Be fearless. Be strong. 

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