Blogmas Day Seven: Cooking With A Disability

Happy Blogmas Day Seven. Today’s topic that I want to discuss is surrounding cooking when you have a disability. Cooking is a necessary part of our daily lives. You don’t always want to go out and eat at a restaurant so you have to know how to cook up a good meal. I’m always trying to find resources and books to share with you guys to increase your independence. I started reading this book called, “One Handed In A Two Handed World” by Tommye- Karen Mayer. Mayer had a stroke and as an end result, was diagnosed with hemiplegia. In her book, she described some of the techniques to use when cooking.

When cooking you will be dealing with a lot of heavy and sharp instruments and may need assistance in handling them. I will be talking about a few important equipments that will be helpful when cooking in the kitchen.

A cutting board is a mandatory tool to use. It keeps your food in place while cutting it. But in order to cut food properly, you must use something to hold it down or you can use a manual food processor to do it for you. Mats with suction cups are great as well. When mixing any kind of food in a bowl, you may find it helpful to utilize them to keep the bowl firmly in place. If not, the bowl will be moving all over the place and it may create a mess.

Electric can openers can be useful for people who don’t have good use of their hands. It depends on the type that you can use. You may have to test out different ones to see how well they work for your needs before purchasing one.

Pan holders are designed to fasten the pan to the stove top with rubber suction cups and it holds the pot steady while stirring.

Hand- held mixers that are rechargeable can be better than constantly mixing the food in a pot with a long handle spoon. Doing it the manual way places a lot of strain on your wrist. Hopefully, this will do the job perfectly.

For me, the most difficult task for me to accomplish is opening jars. It hurts my hand so badly. For those people who are just like me, you can install an under cabinet jar lid opener. This tool can be used by tapping the lid on a threshold or against your wooden cutting board. While holding the jar, slide the lid into the “V”, as far as it can go. After that, you will be able to open and close the jar.

I hope that this information has been helpful for you guys gaining independence. You can buy some of these products in the store or online at:

Talk to you tomorrow.

Source: “One Handed In A Two Handed World” by Tommye- Karen Mayer

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