Blogmas Day Six: Accept Me As I Am

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

Happy Blogmas Day Six. How was everyone’s day? I promised that I will include more of myself in my posts. Today’s topic will be about relationships. Specifically, my relationship with Mr. Amazing. It’s been a year now since we have been together, and I feel good and content with this guy. More so than with anyone else I have been with. He accepts me as I am. He accepts my disability and is willing to help me whenever I need it. He doesn’t make me feel inadequate or inferior at all and that is what I love about him. In the past, I didn’t open myself up in any relationship that I was in due to the fear that I may be rejected or hurt even more than I was. Thus, I kept my distance from them.

Now that I am an adult, I am more satisfied with my personality and my physical appearance. You know the old saying, “In order to love someone, you have to love yourself first.” That statement stands true. You have to take pride in yourself and appreciate all of your flaws. You are beautiful in every way possible. Embrace it. Love it. Flaunt it. There is nothing more attractive than a person who have self- confidence.

Mr. Amazing and I have been through the same experiences and grew up with the same morals and values. We understand each other and want the same things in life. We have similar personalities as well. He can tell a story and make it humorous. Those are the times that I treasure. I know by reading this post, he will feel like he is the most important person in the world, and he is. In the next few years, we both hope to start a life together and begin our careers. We have been talking about marriage. Only time will tell though. Good relationships take time in order to cross that next step. I have faith that it will. 

I am a strong believer that there is someone out there for everyone. It takes time to find the one and once you find them, I hope you guys are very happy and all of your dreams will come true. Your past experiences should teach you exactly what you want out of life and this is no different. You are special and deserve it. Find that one person that will look past your physical limitations and will build you up. Own your individuality and kill everyone with your inner beauty. Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Your moment is now. So, you better go after it and claim it. Love you guys. See you tomorrow.  

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