Blogmas Day Five: What Happens During An EEG

Photo by: Me  Here is a picture that was taken of me in the EMU in July 2013.

Photo by: Me
Here is a picture that was taken of me in the EMU in July 2013.

Happy Blogmas Day Five everyone. Today’s topic will be about what occurs during an EEG test. A friend of mine asked me about this test so I figured to create a post on it. An EEG is the abbreviation for an electrocephalogram. It is used to record brain wave patterns of a person to see if there is any abnormalities in the brain’s electrical activity. It can be used to diagnose different forms of epilepsy syndromes by the patterns of the spikes and waves on the computer.

The person gets admitted into the hospital and waits for an EEG technician to take them back to the exam room so they can get started. The technician puts electrodes on the individual’s scalp through the use of glue. The electrodes are hooked up to this machine that is connected to a computer so they can view the brain waves. In addition to that, they put two belts over the person’s body. One on the chest and the other on the stomach. These are used to see if the person stops breathing when they seize. It is a fairly painless test. While in the hospital, the patient is monitored by a camera in which it can see what the person does during a seizure. In case the person feels a seizure coming on, the person has to press a button that is placed right beside the bed. The doctors and nurses come in immediately and start asking the patient simple questions.

It can get very boring in the epilepsy monitoring unit. So, I suggest taking some fun activities and games to occupy your time. It makes it go by faster. When I go back in there, I will be taking my iPad and I will be blogging while in there. I will be taking pictures and everything so you guys can see what I am doing in there. Anyways, after the test is completed, the EEG technician unhooks the person from the EEG machine and scrubs the glue from the person’s scalp with acetone. This is the worst part. It takes forever to get the glue out of my head. I use a fine tooth comb and lift the remaining glue off my scalp and shampoo my hair at least three times. Sometimes, you have to wash your hair more than once in a week. Other than that, an EEG test is very effective in diagnosing epilepsy. See you tomorrow.

Photo by: Unknown A comparison between a normal EEG and an EEG of a person with Complex Partial Seizures.

Photo by: Unknown
A comparison between a normal EEG and an EEG of a person with complex partial seizures.

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