Blogmas Day Two: A Letter To Myself

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

This year has been a great year. I have to pat myself on the back for all the hard work that I have been putting in to combat my seizure disorder and keep my triggers under control. I have gone nine months without having a complex partial seizure. I am not going to say that the entire year has been all roses and scented candles in my life. It’s been difficult as ever. The main thing was that I managed to keep a smile on my face and stay the strong person that I am. That’s the only thing that I can do. Not to mention, counseling and meditating when I needed it, helped me out. For that, I thank a friend of mine for introducing me to that who is a fellow blogger as well. I appreciate and love her for that.

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

Unfortunately, on Thanksgiving morning at 11:52 am, I had a seizure. I really was feeling sick this time. I had major vertigo and an excruciating headache. I called and made an appointment with my neurologist. I let everything come out about the events of the seizure and what’s been going on in my life that may contribute to it. They told me they believe it is a seizure, as well as said that my carbamazepine and keppra levels were high in my bloodstream. The keppra medication was extremely high. Thus, the doctor wants to taper me off of it and add another medication, Lamictal, to my drug therapy. I am hoping that keeps my seizures under control. In addition to that, I have to go back into the hospital on December 19th and get a video EEG done for eight hours to see if there is any epileptic activity. My father was with me and I told him everything. The look on his face was heartbreaking. I didn’t like seeing that. I reassured him that his baby girl will be okay and gave him a hug.

Thus, I thought of this idea to write a short letter to myself. I may even start doing this weekly or even monthly to give myself positive reinforcement of what’s happened over that time. It is just a reminder to continue staying on the same path that I am on because I am happier.

Dear Me,

You have come so far from where you were a few years ago. You are a stronger and more powerful person with a good head on your shoulders. You have overcome so much that have taught you a lot about yourself and how to handle stressful situations in life. Continue to stay in the state of mind that you are in. You are becoming more of an inspiration to others. A positive attitude like yours go a long way. It’s not easy battling these medical conditions on a daily basis but you are helping people to realize their true worth in this world. You were called here to do this and be a support system for those in need. That is amazing. You are finishing up with school and is well on your way to graduating. You are blessed to have made it that far. Keep on striving for the best.

That’s just a taste of what I have been thinking. If you want to follow this idea, feel free to. I’m here to help and encourage anyone out there who is struggling with any situation. We are an online family and are here to support each other in any way we can. I love you guys.


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