Blogmas Day One: Pretty Hurts

Welcome to the first day of Blogmas. I am so elated to be participating in this event. I will start it off by writing about a subject that appears to be a major topic when discussing people with physical or invisible disabilities. Do you know what that is??? It’s body image. Body image is very important in this society. It determines your place on the social hierarchy which I think is truly unfair. No one should be degraded or humiliated because of something that they do not have any control over nor should anyone be place above anyone else. This is an equal world. I remember in my sophomore year of college, I wrote a paper about body image and eating disorders. One of my main points was that the media has something to do with why so many girls are being diagnosed with eating disorders. They try to fulfill this ideal image society puts out there and it’s not achievable. Society believes that “normal” is what’s to be cherished the most. There are many people who have these types of views and don’t think anything is wrong. Perfection is boring. Uniqueness is amazing.

By thinking about this, I remember listening to the song, “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé. It speaks volumes and I can relate to it. I have had body image issues. I wasn’t happy with who I was. Over time, I accepted myself for who I was. Might I say I love the person that I have become. I feel more secure. I can say that you will love yourself as well. Don’t allow anyone to bring you down. Stay positive. Stay fierce. Stay you. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

What I think stands true is that people will either love you or dislike you, but one thing that they will NEVER do is break you. Your individuality is what makes you different. People will always try to break you down to the bone and get under your skin. You are better than them. You have self- confidence. You are capable of achieving anything that you want. Keep your head up. You will conquer it.

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