Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I just wanted to wish you guys well and hope that you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving day. This is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. It has such a sentimental and heartwarming meaning to it. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks to those that matter the most to you, giving to those that need it, and being grateful and blessed for everything that you have no matter what the circumstances. You have a purpose in this life and I want you all to know that you should go after it and appreciate everything that you have.

I have so much to be thankful for. First, I would like to thank my family and friends for always being there when I needed them and I returned the favor back and gave them the support that they needed from me. Being a great person that people admire so much means having to give and receive, as well as maintaining a close relationship with those people that were there for you through thick and thin. I have those types of people in my life. So, I thank them. Secondly, I want to thank you guys, my readers, for supporting me and listening to my journey and helping me grow into the better and more positive person that I am. I would give you all the same moral support that you have given me. I appreciate you guys dearly. Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr. Amazing. I haven’t been talking about him that much on here. He has really shown me what a respectable and loving man is supposed to be like. I love him to death. Our anniversary is coming up in the next week and I am planning on spending the holiday with him with my family today. We have more than your typical relationship. We are friends too. It’s crazy how much we are alike in so many ways. I consider him my best friend. I think that is what a relationship should consist of. It’s truly a great feeling.

Happiness is what matters. Show gratitude and generosity to those that need it the most. It will make someone’s day brighter and more special. Be blessed. I am wishing you nothing but the best.

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