Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy is a type of seizure disorder characterized by myoclonic seizures or jerks with or without tonic- clonic or absence seizures. It is a fairly common epilepsy syndrome. These seizures mainly start shortly before or after puberty, or in early adulthood. They occur most frequently in the morning after the person wakes up. Individuals who are diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy have seizures that are usually caused by flickering lights, televisions, video games, or light that reflects off of trees or the ocean. These kinds of seizures are known as photosensitive seizures. Myoclonic seizures can also be provoked by activities such as reading, decision- making, or calculations.

The owner and creator of Away With Epilepsy, Megan Meija, has this form of epilepsy. She talks about her experiences living with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy while maintaining and enjoying life as a teenager. I was touched by her story when I first viewed it on Youtube. She has done a lot of interviews and volunteering to raise awareness about epilepsy. She also created a comic book surrounding the challenges that people with epilepsy face on a daily basis. It’s great.

Her Youtube channel is: www.youtube.com/user/awaywithepilepsy

Follow her on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/awaywithepilepsy

Follow her on Twitter at: wwww.twitter.com/awaywithepilepsy

I do believe she has a Facebook account as well. I will share it on here soon.

Source: “Epilepsy: Patient and Family Guide” by Orrin Devinsky, MD

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