Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

Life is all about change. It’s inevitable and neverending. Changes happen in every way, shape, and form during the most unexpected times. Those are the times that I cherish and hold onto. Nonetheless, I embrace it with open arms. I have recently dyed my hair honey blonde a little over a month ago. It was needed. I wanted to change my hair color for a while now. I just needed for it to grow a little bit more after my surgery. So, here is the final product. I love it. It has change my personality so much. I am more upbeat and happier since then.

Right now, the area where the surgical scar is located is able to be curled and I am so elated. You don’t know. It’s great to see what almost two years post- operative have done. Only three seizures in two years is such a relief. It’s crazy that back in 2008, my seizures came back with a vengeance and caused so much stress and anxiety. I’m taking that power back. I’m not going back to that anymore. Therapy helped me with coping and stress relieving techniques. I failed to tell you guys about my “emotional breakdown” a week before my hair appointment. I don’t really know what triggered it, but it scared me and my mom and older sister so badly. I was shaking and trembling. It was uncontrollable. So, after thirty deep breaths, I calmed down and wrote it down in my journal.

That incident was a wake up call. It’s still happening though. I am currently still learning how to not care about certain things. I worry too much about everything. Everyday life. Schoolwork. People around me. It creates stress in my life. I expect too much from people and out of life. Thus, it has to end. Lately, I have been experiencing warning signs of a seizure beginning and that makes me extremely anxious. I am going to continue to do my deep breathing exercises and I also found a meditation app on the iTunes Store that works well with calming me down at times like these.

In addition to that, Mr. T, my therapist also brought it to my attention to do things that make me happy. What makes me happy is Spanish. I enjoy learning it, tutoring it, and playing games about it. I will pick up the habit of it now. As of lately, I have even been speaking to my peers in Spanish. They are great at it if I must say. I may even bring that part of my life on here as well. I want to be able share my life and interests with you all.

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