Chiropractor Appointment

Today, I had an appointment to go visit the chiropractor that I was referred to by the doctor I seen about my back yesterday. This session went differently than yesterday. The usual happened. He asked about my medical history and my family’s medical history and performed a scoliosis exam and the Adam’s Bend Test. He explained to me that there is a difference in my shoulder length and there is also a difference in the length of my hips. I don’t doubt for a second that my cerebral palsy has a contribution to it.

The doctor reviewed my recent x- rays and MRIs and said that it would be beneficial for me to have another x- ray done on my lower back with the inclusion of measurements. That was music to my ears. I swear it was. I really wanted to hear that. He just wants to see the degree and to monitor progression. So, does that mean that I have scoliosis? From the way he was talking, it appears that I do. I wasn’t told that yesterday, but I guess second opinions are always needed at times like these. In addition, he would like for me to get another round of physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in my back.

Anyways, I plan on making the appointment to take the x- ray sometime next week after I get out of school. I will contact them tomorrow about their hours of operation and other details. Well, all I can say is that I am sooo happy that this matter is finally moving forward. I’m expecting nothing but great results from here on out.

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