The Awaited Appointment

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

The awaited appointment. Yes, that one about my back pain. Everything is resting on today, August 19th. I feel relieved that I received some of the answers that I needed to hear. At least I am not wondering what the hell is going on with me anymore. I have been through so much trying to find out the details regarding my back. It’s unbelievable. The day is here though. The first appointment about my recurring back pain was to the neurosurgeon that did my epilepsy surgery. I was told that he specialized in disorders of the spine. WRONG!!!! The day before, the nurse called me only to tell me he didn’t. I had to cancel and reschedule twice for this appointment only to be told that. Like really? My stress levels have been on five hundred because of this situation and others as well. It felt like a waste of my time. It is difficult for me to adapt to new things entering into my life that I eventually have to learn to handle.

The day started off pretty good. My brother eased my nerves a bit by acting his normal silly self. I needed it. Every time some major appointment comes up that I have been worried about for a while, I get super anxious and anxiety ridden. My back was really killing me today. My body knew that I was nervous. As a result, the pain started coming full throttle. It was at a nine in a half when I woke up. I was tensing up so badly.

Before I went to the doctor’s appointment, I went to the eye clinic to get two pair of my eyeglasses tightened. A girl has to see, right? Afterwards, I went to the doctor’s appointment. When I was checking in, the receptionist told me that I needed to take another x- ray before he sees me. I ran across the street to get that done. It took about twenty to thirty minutes. I went back over to the doctor’s office later on. By that time, I was out of breath and out of energy. I was feeling like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. That’s how hectic the day was for me.

After two or three long hours, I finally saw the doctor and told him about everything that has been happening with my back. He reviewed my x- rays and said that he doesn’t think that I have scoliosis because he feels that the curve isn’t big enough. He believes it is due to muscle imbalance. He explained that my spine is also starting to rotate as well. I’m thrilled to find that out. He recommended that I follow up with a doctor that specializes in chiropractic medicine. He even suggested I get shots in my back. I haven’t had any shots related to my medical conditions since I was 15 years old and that was for botox regarding my spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy. I really don’t know what type of effect those injections may have on me. It may be good, or it may be bad. I don’t know. I am going to see the chiropractor tomorrow at 2:30 pm. I guess I will find it out by then.

Dr. McLain, the doctor that I went to, also check the spasticity in my right leg. My heel cords were tight. He asked me if I ever took Baclofen. I heard of it but never tried it. I think that the medications now I am taking are great. I am used to them. Maybe in the near future I will consider taking it if my spasticity and spasms get worse as I age.

Overall, the appointment went well. I’m content with the outcome. It was one crazy, yet entertaining day for me. I’m ready for what’s next. Being fearless is who I am. I am not scared of anything that these doctors have to say to me. Not one bit. 

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