Scoliosis Update+Back Brace

It has been a minute since I spoke about what has been happening with my back lately. The pain is still there but it is to a lesser degree than when it originally started back at the end of March. In the beginning, there was nonstop pain going on in my lower back. I’ve talked to my doctor and have gotten an x- ray and MRI done on my lower back. Both of the tests showed different results. I expected that to happen though. I already talked about my x- ray results. With the MRI, the results indicated that I have levo lumbar scoliosis. Everything else was intact.

There has been nothing but drama surrounding booking appointments with a spine doctor. I made an appointment with my neurosurgeon to talk about the situation on August 6th. At the last minute, the nurse told me that he doesn’t specialize in treating patients who have medical conditions regarding the spine. I explained to the nurse that the person I spoke to before when I made the appointment told me something completely different. They said the exact opposite. I thank her though for saving me the trouble of coming down to the hospital for nothing. This entire situation has added a lot of stress and anxiety to my life. I really don’t need that. So, I made an appointment with a spine doctor that works in the same office as my orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully, this time around everything works out well.

The main therapeutic method that has helped me with my recurring back pain is using a back brace. I purchased a store bought lumbar back brace when I was out one day. Since I bought that brace, it has been my angel here on Earth literally. It has relieved most of my back pain. The pain is no longer at a level twenty like it has been before. It is more so at level three or four. I feel relieved. It has worked better than any pain medication and muscle relaxers that I have used. It is my new best friend. Back braces have a tendency to make a person sweat like they have ran a couple of marathons, plus doing an intense workout. Oh my goodness. I hate sweating. That’s when I take it off and swing it someplace where I can’t see it. Hahaha.  

It definitely serves its purpose. The brace contains a soft cushion. Whenever I lay down in bed, it supports my back and eases the pain away. I’m impressed at how the brace has worked for me. There are a few people that I talked to that uses this method since their scoliosis isn’t severe enough for an actual scoliosis brace. It is totally your decision to use this. I’m not encouraging anyone to try it. I’m just talking about what has worked for me thus far. I will continue to utilize this for my treatment option.

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

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