I Passed My Driving Exam

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

Today was a beautiful day for me. After a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I finally received my driver’s license for the second time. I deserved it. I put forth a lot of effort in driving to get my driving privileges back. I’m thankful for that. This was one of my main accomplishments this year and I couldn’t be more proud of myself that it came true. It’s surprising that at 19 years old, I got my license on the first try and the same situation occurred this time. That shows a lot to me. I have what it takes to fulfill my dreams and goals. I am a very determined and strong person. I am truly blessed. Get it giiiiirl!!!!

I truly appreciate all of the people who have wished me good luck on my exam, as well as congratulated me on my success. My mom, dad, older twin sisters, godfather, best friends, and people who I have communicated with on online support groups have encouraged me. It’s great to know that everyone is in my corner cheering me on. I love that. They know how much this meant to me. It was very important to me. I’m taking some of my independence back a little at a time. Being a person who has cerebral palsy, independence is something that I crave for. I don’t want anyone helping me unless I really need it. I will find a way if it means that I have to struggle a bit to get there. It’s a pride thing.

Anyways, everything is going forward from here. I’m not going to stop. Next will be to get my car modifications and vehicle and continue being the best that I can be. Nothing but smiles over here. It ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Thank you for traveling on this journey with me.

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