Cerebral Palsy And Footwear

It’s the summertime and it’s beginning to get a bit warmer outside. The weather in Cleveland hasn’t been so pleasant. It has been extremely rainy and muggy. So, it is finally starting to heat up and I would like to wear summertime footwear. One dilemma that I have is with footwear, specifically sandals and flip flops. They are the most frustrating thing to wear. I do not have very good control over my right foot. With flip flops, my foot always comes out of them and I also tend to walk on the side of my foot. Not to mention, the rods that separate the toes produce a lot of pain. This is all due to tight muscles and spasticity. Heels are difficult for me as well. I can walk in heels on my left foot but wearing them on the other foot is a major challenge. My foot twists like crazy. As a result, I have to wear shorter inch heels. I’m totally cool with that though.

Compensation is my middle name. I have to make accommodations for my weak and tight muscles. I don’t wear flip flops at all. I utilize closed in shoes instead. Pointed toe shoes are out of the question. I had a surgery on my right greater toe when I was a teenager, and to this day, I still catch a lot of pain. As far as sandals are concerned, I try to find sandals that represent my style, give me the most comfort, and tend to my needs as a disabled young woman. Sandals that have a protective covering that support my heel is the style for me. It keeps my foot and ankle in an upright and stable position.

In addition to that, one of my limbs is smaller than the other one and I have to wear shoes that are two different sizes. This stands true when I have on my hinged AFO, as well as other shoes. In reality, I wear a size seven in shoes. I have small feet anyway. When it comes to my braces, two shoe sizes are necessary just to fit over the AFO.

Having a disability is all about having to find objects and modifications to make your lifestyle a little bit easier. Nothing is forbidden. Your medical conditions doesn’t slow you down. They build you up! Anything is possible. Just go for it and make it a reality.

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