My Vera Bradley Bag

I have always wanted a Vera Bradley bag and now I have one of my own. It is just the right size for me too. For one thing, I am a super prissy and girlie girl. I love anything with a pretty design on it, different style outfits, and of course, my favorite accessory to carry is a bag. My nickname from my boyfriend, let’s just say, “Mr. Amazing” is bag lady. Really?!?! He played that song by Erykah Badu. I was laughing so hard because it’s true to an extent. This bag is perfect for me. The color scheme is just me. It is also very spacious. I can store most of my items in it. That’s great.

In a little bit over a month, I will be going back to school for my final year hopefully. Summer is flying by quickly and we are nearing the end of July. I’m already picking up my school supplies ahead of time. Just to be on board. Better sooner than later. I’m the type of individual that likes to get things done ahead of time.

I came to the conclusion to stop carrying the usual book bags. They are straining on my back. Always have been. When I shop around, I rarely see a lot of decent looking messenger bags. These are the types of bags that I would prefer to have. I never really was into those other bags but I just used them because I couldn’t find anything else. I’m definitely using my Vera Bradley bag to school. I’m super protective of my purses so I will take care out of it like I would with the rest of my purses. They are my life LITERALLY. I know they are a material object but I love them. I REALLY do. They are my babies.

My class load is full but not so much because I am taking online classes. Thus, I don’t have to bring that much with me to campus. Scoliosis is a progressive disorder and placing too much on my back isn’t good for me. I am going to try to keep it down and continue my exercise regime. I haven’t been catching a huge amount of pain in my back like I have been before. I started using a pain diary to keep track of it though. I have an upcoming appointment at the beginning of August with the neurosurgeon that performed my epilepsy surgery. I like him. He’s really cool. We will see what he says about the next step in my treatment as far as my back is concerned.

Photo by: Me

Photo by: Me

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