My Encounter With A Deaf Child

A few weeks ago, I attended a cookout for one of my godmother’s friends. It was great. The food was delicious regarding the fact that I love summertime meals but I digress. While I was there, I was looking around and I ran across this young girl. She appeared to be maybe around 4 or 5 years old. No older than 6 years old. She was so adorable. She had a very pretty pink sparkly hearing aid in her ear with some unique design on it. Her mother and I were sitting at the same table. She came up to her mom and said something to her. I felt like this was a small test for me to see if I can communicate well with the hard of hearing/deaf community and to see if I can comprehend what they have said to me.

Later on, I went inside to get some more food and a cup of water. The little girl came into the house a few minutes after I did. She looked at me. I didn’t hesitate at all and signed to her, “Hi. How are you?” She timidly signed back with a smile, “I’m okay.” I let her know in Sign Language that she was an amazing and beautiful person. It was a wonderful opportunity to converse in a different language with someone who is a part of that culture. I will continue to work on my skills in american sign language and teach myself more concepts. I have made the decision to go forward with the Rochester Method with signs that I feel are difficult for me to execute. It is definitely easier for me. With some signs that require two- handed manipulation, I have to twist and turn my body to get my right hand to perform the sign. I don’t want to put pressure on my body, so I think this method is best for my situation.

I truly cannot wait for what the future will bring to me with this fascinating and life- changing profession.

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