My Niece/Bestie, Shantrice

My niece, Shantrice is someone that I consider a very close person in my life. We have always been extremely close since we were young kids. She has a wonderful and exciting personality. Every time you see Shantrice, there is nothing but a total smile on her face. Shantrice and I have similar personality traits and that’s the reason why we get along so well. I can come and talk to her about anything and I like that. She can do the same with me. We are both understanding of each other, as well as try to help each other through our difficult times. Tricie, as my family and I like to call her, will tell you like it is. She has a spicy personality that makes her unique. She has such a vivacious, loving, supportive and silly attitude that will keep you laughing and smiling. It’s never a dull moment being around her. I haven’t seen Tricie in a long time. I can’t even put a date and a year on it. We keep in contact frequently. I recently saw her when I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio with my dad and sister to one of my other niece’s wedding. It was great. It was truly exciting seeing her and the rest of the family for such an intimate and heartwarming occasion. I love this girl so much and I am protective of her just like I am with the rest of my family. She will always have a special place in my heart as my best friend, niece, and cousin (as she likes to call me). Gotta love Tricie. She is so amazing!

Photo by: William McCollom

Photo by: William McCollom

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