Back Appointment Today

Today, I had to go to my primary care physician to discuss with her about the back pain that I have been experiencing for the past month. This was a long awaited appointment date for me. I could not wait for April 30th to come. It felt like the pain was getting worse as the days moved on. Some days, I would have back pains that would be at the eight or nine level on a scale from one to ten. It would be accompanied by a burning sensation. Plus, it would happen on various places of my back. For the most part, the pain will stay in my middle or lower part on my spine. On some occasions, I would have pain in my upper back. I am walking more slowly now than I did before. That’s okay. I am trying to keep life moving though.

At my appointment, I talked to my doctor about the concerns I was having regarding my backaches and how I had a history of scoliosis dating since I was 17 years old. She performed a self- test on me to test my spine. Guess what she found? A curve in my spine. She said, “Ma’am there is no doubt in my mind that you have scoliosis.” Her tone was the funniest part about it. I started laughing at her. She had a sarcastic and humorous sound to her voice that I laughed and almost fell off the exam table with my silly self. Anyways, I actually felt her finger change directions when she was examining my back. I let her know how bad this pain has been for me and how it has affected my walking pattern. My legs are feeling heavier and my back feels tight and stiff. I don’t like that feeling. As a result, she prescribed me some muscle relaxers, ordered me to get x- rays on my thoracic and lumbar parts of my spine (in other words, my middle and lower back), and told me to continue doing my physical therapy exercises for my back, using a heating pad, and taking pain medications. That I shall do. I would LOVE to get better. I don’t want to feel like this every day but that’s what I am currently going through now. I just have to run with it.

I feel like my bad habits from the past are coming back to haunt me. Ever since I was a teenager, I would carry heavy loads of bags to school, including my purse to keep my personal items in, and my book bag that I carried on my back. My book bag was the heaviest part. There was nothing but books, pencil cases, and a binder in my bag. I put so much strain on my back that now it is finally catching up to me. As a result, I have Levoscoliosis. Now, that I am in college now, I have learned how to only carry what’s necessary for me. I stopped carrying the regular book bags and started using the book bags that have the wheels on it. Even though it had some weight to it, it wasn’t like it was imperative for me to carry it on my back. That’s what I liked about it.

I am currently facing another dilemma. My family members think that the current book bag that I am using is making my body position more over to the side and they want me to stop using it. I really don’t know what to do. Which one am I going to use? I constantly switch back and forth between these two bags. I will see how the regular book bag makes me feel after a year of trying it out.

Since I have to go back to the hospital for an eye exam, I will go get my x- ray exams completed too. The doctor will contact me with the results. I am hoping everything is okay with me.

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