Person With Epilepsy Versus Epileptic

Everyone’s view on their epilepsy and what names they feel are acceptable and unacceptable are very much different. Some people prefer to be called a “person with epilepsy” or an “epileptic”. Then, there are others who really do not have any preference at all. That is their personal choice and prerogative and it is completely fine. Well, with me, I’m the type of person that follows by the rules and what is acceptable to society, as well as in medicine. I am most comfortable referring to myself as a person with epilepsy rather than saying, “I’m an epileptic.” By saying, “I’m a person with epilepsy,” you are not just saying you have epilepsy but you are also including the rest of the individuals who are dealing with this chronic medical condition as well. On the other hand, by saying, “I’m an epileptic,” you are singling yourself out from the rest of the crowd and separately yourselves from the group itself. This word is basically used when referring to epileptic syndromes, explaining if a person had an epileptic seizure or a non- epileptic seizure, or when referring to anti- epileptic drugs. Nonetheless, I feel the term is slightly offensive, but I am not going to take offense to it unless the tone is not very pleasant.

Overall, it is just a matter of the order of words, the context, and the intonation that you use with it. You all are not alone in handling this medical condition. Always stay positive, don’t exclude yourselves, and don’t think of yourselves any less than what you are. You are beautiful.

ELIAES (Express, Love, Include, Advocate, Educate, and Support)

Be proud. Be fearless. Be strong.

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