Follow My Health

Not too long ago did I receive a recommendation from my neurologist to make an account with Follow My Health from University Hospitals here in Cleveland, Ohio. I think it is such a great idea. Follow My Health allows patients to see their medical records electronically without having to consult with their doctors about it. With Follow My Health, you can make private journal entries regarding your health to show to your doctors, schedule appointments, send messages to your doctors, and other various tools. So, when he told me about that, I went ahead and joined. You can join Follow My Health by making your own account or by logging in with your Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live, or Cerner Health account. Well, I decided not to set up an account with Follow My Health but log in using my Microsoft email account.

I made the decision to peruse the website for my medical records and to find out any new information regarding my health conditions, mainly my epilepsy. I found out the results of my MRI and other exams that I have had in the last year. There is some new information that I haven’t talked to about yet such as this mysterious diagnosis of hippocampal sclerosis. I will talk about that at another time. I really like this. I sincerely believe that this will keep me in the loop about my medical conditions and the types of new treatments that I might be able to be considered for, as well as remind me of upcoming appointments and prescription refill reminders. There are Follow My Health apps available on iTunes and Google Play.

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