Seizure Diary

My seizure diary. This is where I document and keep track of all of my epileptic episodes. I was just looking through it the other day, and it is amazing how many episodes I have had since Dr. Lüders advised me to start writing my seizures down in a diary. I started writing down my epileptic episodes on June 10, 2011. I just turned 20 years old then. Well, over three years, I have used my seizure diary religiously. I even took it out with me when I would go shopping or go out to eat. My seizures were really crazy and unpredictable, so it was safer for me to carry it around. The organization of my seizure diary is centered around:

  • The Date The Seizure Happened On
  • The Time
  • The Seizure Symptoms
  • The Length Of The Seizure

I do talk about my mood during that day and what I was doing before the seizure began. I also write down the types of medications I am taking and the times that I take them at. In addition to that, I also list my seizure triggers. It is just a way for me to be organized with my medical condition. Having a seizure diary is a great way to keep track of how often you seize and what you can do, if possible, to improve your health.

The website, has an online seizure diary in which you can do all of this. It is very cool and helpful in managing your health. Also, Angels Of Epilepsy founder, Natalie Y. Beavers wrote a seizure diary in which you can document your epileptic episodes in. Natalie Y. Beavers is a fellow person with epilepsy. She has been dealing with epilepsy since she was 5 years old. I really commend her for starting her foundation. I think it is really nice. You guys should really check these two websites out. There is a lot of information about epilepsy. You can join support groups as well and receive advice on how to tackle epilepsy.

Take control of your health and be safe while doing it.

Photo by: Me  My Seizure Diary

Photo by: Me
My Seizure Diary

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