Merry Christmas 2014!!!!

Good afternoon everyone. I just wanted to wish you all a safe, wonderful, and joyful Christmas. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves today spending time with your family and friends, as well as opening Christmas presents. I sure am. For Christmas, I got a 16 GB iPad mini (I gave my old iPad to my nephew for Christmas. He loves it by the way.), beige leather Ugg boots, a gold and black North Face jacket, a new television, a robe, socks, $200 in cash, a case to put my personal items in, and two cases of Japanese Cherry Blossom body splash, shower gel, body lotion, hand lotion, and cream from my sister and my guy friend. I feel so special. This has got to be the best Christmas I have had since I was a little girl. Since I was feeling so bad last year and I wasn’t able to enjoy Christmas because I went through surgery that month, this was like a makeup Christmas for me. I loved it.

I feel so blessed and thankful to have you all and my family in my life. I want to thank you guys for supporting this blog and going through my journey of living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy with me. I would like for you all to enjoy this blog as much as I like writing it. So, I decided to allow you guys to pick the topic that you would like to see me discuss. If you have any ideas, contact me by email, through the contact form under the tab, “Contact H. McCollom”, or take the poll below and I will put it on the blog.

I love you guys and have a happy holidays.

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