Great News!!!!

I had another appointment today. This time with my neurologist’s nurse. It was basically the usual follow up appointment… routine neurological exam and talking about my health. I told her that my epilepsy has been under control for almost four months which will be next Wednesday. She was pleased to hear about that. I did ask her how my recent tests went. My MRI showed that my brain is still healing. I still have traces of bleeding and swelling in my brain, as well as encephalomalacia (shrinkage) from where my brain is healing. So, everything is good. No worries. I’m fine. No findings of damage. That’s a double plus. Yay!!!! She said if my health stays the same for the next two months, I can go back to driving and get my driver’s license reinstated. I just have to check in with her to let her know about whether or not I had any seizures between now and December. That’s all that I heard to set me off. I was happy as heck. Jumping for joy. Nothing could tear me down. So, until December 22nd comes I will be hoping and praying that everything turns out good. Matter of fact, I know it will as long as I avoid my triggers which I have been trying my very best to do. I get my adequate amount of rest. I don’t drink alcohol. I take my medications every day. By the way, no increases. Lastly, I have been stress free. I don’t go back to see my neurologist until October 12, 2015. I’m in such a good mood.

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