Post- Op Neuropsychological Exam

Today I had my appointment to take my post- operative neuropsychological exam. To tell you the truth, I expected the same thing that happened the last time I seen my neuropsychologist back on July 10th. This time, I met with the doctor first and went over the test results from July 2013. He told me that my language skills were very much intact and that basically, the language skills transferred over to the right side of my brain. In most cases, the language area is in the left hemisphere. But in my case it is different because I have damage to the left side of my brain. It was interesting to me. I was intrigued so to speak by hearing this type of information. The down side of it was that unfortunately I have visual spatial problems. Nothing new there. I deal with this every day. What this means is that I have difficulty with reading and comprehending diagrams and also creating patterns as I see it on paper. Guess what?!?! I still rock it though. It doesn’t matter. I have excelled in life. That’s all that matters to me.

Moving on. My appointment started early in the morning at 8:00 am. It was early. I know it. I decided not to go to school today because I knew that afterwards I would have very low energy and feel drained out. So, I took various types of tests such as:

  • Listening to two stories and having to remember what I just heard.
  • Drawing a line to each number numerically as well as letters and numbers.
  • Coming up with the meaning of words.
  • Doing critical thinking math problems.
  • Matching up cards that have different colors and shapes on it (depending on the shape, color of the shape, and how many shapes were on the card).
  • Taking self- exams asking what I personally feel about myself.

Tests like that. They were a bit strenuous. The guy that was giving the tests to me told me I was looking kind of funny like I was rolling my eyes too much. I was on another planet. I tend to do that because I am constantly thinking about what I want to say next. It’s a habit. Hahahaha. The guy made the session entertaining but nonetheless I was getting tired. I was up since 5:00 am getting ready. You can see why. I was at University Hospitals for six hours until I finally went home. By that time, the only thing I was thinking about was some food and my bed. I’m not even lying. A neuropsychological exam will do that to you especially to me. If you are faced with taking a neuropsychological exam, run the other way QUICKLY. I mean QUICKLY. Just playing. It’s a great way to know how your brain is functioning as well as your learning abilities.

I feel like I did decently well on my tests. I feel like everything stayed the same but I’m always hoping and praying for the best. That’s the only thing I can do. I always try my best in everything that I do. On Monday, I have a follow up appointment with my neurologist’s nurse just to talk about my epilepsy and what’s new with that. I will be four months seizure free on October 22nd. Yay!!!!

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