Inspirational Story: Tiffany Johnson

Hi everyone! I am Tiffany Johnson and I am 26 years old. I have cerebral palsy and scoliosis. My mother did not know she was pregnant until she went to the hospital for severe abdominal pain. Once there, she found out they were going to have to do an emergency cesarean (C- section) to try to save both our lives. Something went wrong. I’m not sure what, but twenty minutes later she had a 0 lb. 1 oz. baby girl. They did not let her or anyone else see me to prevent any attachment in case I would have died.

I was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy at 4 years old. It was something that my mother did not understand, but she was determined not to treat me any different than the rest of the world. She succeeded. My feelings toward it varied. I was scared and confused. Mostly, it just didn’t make sense. How was a child really supposed to accept something they didn’t understand? So, I set out to gain knowledge. My mom and family like to say I was born with a computer attached to me because that’s all I know. I searched the Internet, read books; my mother and I even went to my doctors and asked millions of questions. Gaining knowledge helped me to understand and be more comfortable with who I am. It’s a process and it wasn’t going to be learned in a day. As a matter of fact, three years after my CP diagnosis, I was diagnosed with lordosis scoliosis. Another thing that didn’t make sense to me, but it didn’t get to me this time. My mother and I listened to the doctor and found out things to do and how to prevent the curve from worsening. Dealing with these disorders, I just gained as much knowledge as I could and still am. The more knowledge and understanding I get, the better I feel and I was able to realize that it was my calling to help others like myself do the same thing.

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