Back To School!!!!

Hi everyone. School starts for me on Monday at 10:15 am. After a year hiatus, I am so excited to go back to school. I am so eager to finish my Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and hearing in the next two years. I got everything that I needed to get done such as getting school supplies, paying for books and my tuition, and getting my accommodation letter from my school’s Office of Disability Services.

This year, I am taking nine classes in all, four classes in the fall, and five classes in the spring. This semester, I am taking Women and Crime and the Sociological Theory. These are both sociology classes. I am also a sociology minor, so these are the last two classes I need to take to complete it. In addition to that, I am taking Intro to Women’s Studies and a class in my major, the Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism. In the spring, I am going to be taking Intro to University Life, American Sign Language I, Intro to Communication Disorders, The Black Experience, and Physical Geography. This is definitely going to be an interesting and exciting year for me. I hope that my seizures will stay under control during this year. So far, I have been two months seizure free. I hope I can make it to six months or even a year. I will pray on it.  As for every year, I will strive to get the best grades possible and to have fun.

Wish me luck on my first year back to Cleveland State after my surgery.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

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