Left Handers Day!!!!

August 13th was Left Handers Day!!!! This is the day to celebrate people who use their left hand most of the time. How does this day apply to me? Well, I am a left handed person because of the fact that my cerebral palsy affects the right side of my body. So, I use my left hand to do everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!!! I use it to clean, cook, wash clothes, drive, write, etc. I manage very well being one handed and a lefty. It can get a little tricky at times when there is a task that I need or want to do that requires two handed manipulation. That’s where I have to get creative, use my accommodations, or ask for help if all else fails. Thank God that I found this book called “One Handed In A Two Handed World”. This book is a great guide on how to complete everyday tasks with the use of one hand. I love it. I don’t know why some people use their right hand more than their left and vice versa. It all depends on what feels comfortable for them and how their brain operates. Whether left handed or right handed, we still rock it and are equal as humans, as well as are capable of doing anything we want. I joined the Left Handers Club in which they share techniques and information on how to make life easier by using your left hand. So, I will be using those techniques and information when necessary.

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