Driver’s License Reinstatement

Right after I left from the hospital on Monday, I went to the BMV to see about getting my driver’s license back. I know I wouldn’t be able to drive because I need car modifications, as well as a car. I just wanted to see what I needed to do when my seizures are completely under control. I called my driving instructor and he told me to go take the temps test. I studied for two weeks for that test and to find out I wasn’t able to take it because the BMV have it on record that my driver’s license was suspended in May of 2011 due to the medical restriction card for my epilepsy. At that point, I just felt like all of the studying that I did was for nothing. The guy that I talked to at the BMV told me to go to the Reinstatement Office which is all the way out there on Snow Road in Parma, Ohio. Personally, I feel like they should open up more Reinstatement Offices that are closer. It would definitely help. So, I traveled to Parma and luckily I was given a sheet of paper that I had to take to my primary doctor to fill out regarding my health and to get permission on whether or not it is safe for me to drive. Then, I have to mail the paper to Columbus, Ohio and wait for someone to approve it. I made the decision to wait until my appointment with my doctor to see what he says. My appointment with him isn’t until the early part of March. By then, I hope to have my seizures under control.

Wish me luck.

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