Follow Up With My Neurologist

On Monday morning, I had a follow up appointment to see my neurologist regarding my epilepsy. As usual, I was very nervous going into the appointment. My head and stomach were hurting, and my anxiety was slowly starting to rise. That, in turn, made me have a funny feeling. I do believe I had an aura. Ever since I had my temporal lobectomy surgery, I have been having those very frequently. More than me having an actual full blown out complex partial seizure.

I went into the hospital hoping for the best but expecting the worst. While talking to my neurologist’s nurse, I told her about my most recent seizure on June 22nd. This seizure was triggered by loud noise from the television. I wasn’t able to turn the television down myself because I was doing my hair. One of my family members is very insensitive to the fact that my seizures are triggered by that. He constantly turns the television’s volume up time after time. In other situations, I would remove myself from the environment but I couldn’t this time. I just had to deal with it. So, my neurologist checked my medical history and the recent tests I have taken in the past few months and told me that I am slightly anemic and my Keppra was very low. I don’t see how. I take my medications on time every morning and night. That remains a mystery. As a result, I had to get blood work done over again. That’s not something I am afraid of. I take pain like a champ. No lie. As soon as the results come back, my doctor will call me and increase my seizure medications. Now that was something that I did not want to hear at the moment. It’s my only option right now. There was so much stuff running through my brain like, “Really? Why am I going through the same thing that I went through last year? It’s ridiculous. Why can’t they just let up for once?” and I told myself, “I truly feel like my seizures are very uncontrollable and that I am a medically refractory patient, even to surgery.” I am not going to let that break me though. I am just hoping for the best. In the meantime, I scheduled my post- operative MRI that will be next month on August 11th and I also scheduled my post- operative neuropsychological exam in October. This is just to see how my brain is working after my surgery. It’s rough having a chronic medical condition, especially if it is unpredictable. I am gonna try my best to stay positive and calm. We are definitely going to see how everything will turn out in the next couple of months.

Wish me luck!!!!

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