Relationships And Having A Disability

I think the most difficult part about having cerebral palsy is finding that “right” person who is willing to accept you for who you are. Who is willing to look past the fact that you have a physical disability that affects the way that you move and how you function in everyday life. Someone who walks through life with you during the good and bad moments. Someone who is loving, caring, respectful, and encouraging. That’s what I want from a possible soul mate. I want a guy to respect me, my feelings, and most definitely my family. I want a guy who is willing to help me and understand my physical limitations and doesn’t try to tear me down because of them. I want someone who betters me as a person and in turn, I can do the same for him. That’s all that I want.

Having cerebral palsy and finding someone who I can be with is hard. For people who are dealing with a physical disability, you struggle a lot with self- esteem and self- acceptance. There is always that part of you that feels like you are not good enough for anyone or you are not pretty enough. It always goes through your mind whether or not he or she is truly genuine and sincere towards you. You always wonder whether or not they are just with you out of pity or whether they want something else out of you. Some other motive. I hope not because that would not be cool AT ALL.

In the past, I know I struggled with low self- esteem and that caused a lot of my relationships to fail but today I feel better about the type of person that I am. I LOVE ME!!!! Can’t nobody convince me otherwise, you know? I’m gonna be ME, I’m gonna stay ME, and I’m gonna rock it. Currently, I am dating someone. He seems to be a really nice person. He is very respectful and is such a gentleman. He is a person who is willing to understand me as a person and is willing to get to know me one on one. I like that. I never had that before in any of my past relationships. It’s truly a blessing. I am going to take this relationship slow and see where it goes. Wish me luck.

Just remember this, before you can love someone you have to love yourself. Self- confidence is the main key to a long- lasting relationship. Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way. Rock your disability to the best of your ability. No matter what, let everyone know it.

I love you all.

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