Support Groups: Are They Helpful?

Support groups are a way to connect with other people who are dealing with the same medical conditions or problems as you. Support groups helped me prepare myself for my epilepsy surgery and they also gave me insight on what to expect when I went through the tests and my post- surgery recuperation. It really helped me a lot. I felt very comfortable going through with the surgery after speaking with others who have went through the same thing.

I signed up for support groups last year in May. I am proud that I made that decision. I enjoy talking to others who are just like me. Who are dealing with the same medical conditions as me. It makes me comfortable and I feel like I have a group of people who I can relate and talk to. I am on multiple different types of support groups such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, scoliosis, shyness, self- esteem, singles, stress, surgery, etc. All of these groups are a representation of who I am. By joining support groups, I have developed online friendships and helped other people while at the same time they help me. It’s truly amazing to meet strangers who are willing to understand and make you feel like you belong. Just keeping it one hundred, I feel special. I mean really special.

On Monday morning, around 7:50 am, I had experienced a weird sensation like I usually felt when I had my seizures. I had the tingling sensation in my stomach. My heart started beating really fast. I turned my head to the right. The only thing that did not happen was that I did not see any flashing lights in my right eye. It scared the heck out of me. I recorded the episode in my seizure journal just in case. But I am not sure if that was a seizure or not. I made an appointment to see my neurologist’s nurse on April 28th to see what she thought about it. I decided to tell everyone on my support groups about this and I have gotten a lot of support. One person even asked how I was doing after the “seizure” happened. It was so sweet of him to do that. I love support groups. They are what keeps me strong.

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