Let’s Have A Ball

Since I have right spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy, I have to do the exercises for my right arm and leg every day. Along the way, I have developed a few new concepts to keep my right arm as loose as possible. For example, when I was 17 years old, I was introduced to using a regular- sized ball in my hand just to keep it open while I do my activities. Using my balls helps a lot because if my hand stays fisted for a long time, I tend to have spasms and those are painful. So, the therapeutic balls help me keep my spastic muscles under control. In addition, I have weights that I put on my arm to keep it straight. I have a specific deformity in which I hold my arm bent and to the side of my body. I try to use my weaker limbs as much as possible. It is very difficult though and also frustrating. I can barely open my right hand by myself without using my other limb. I try to do the little things like holding the fork while I cut the food with my left hand and holding a pan while I wash it.

Last week, I went to go see an orthopedic surgeon to see about getting an AFO for my leg and a splint for my hand. It has been a while since I had orthotics. Maybe since the year of 2008. I was 17 years old. I was so excited to get the prescription for my braces. I have an appointment on March 24th at 1:00 pm to get everything done. I cannot wait to go there and get fitted for my AFO and wrist splint. It will be the next step to my cerebral palsy therapy.

These are the types of balls I use for my hand. They come in various sizes and colors. I am a very glittery and stylish person when it comes to my therapeutic methods. I also included the weights.


I use all of these balls for different purposes. I utilize the big green ball when I am doing my nails. The pink, blue, and gold balls, I use to just keep my hand from balling up into a fist. I use the purple, lime green (it looks yellow but it is lime green.), blue, and light pink balls to test how well I can use my fingers.

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