Define Being “Normal”

What does being normal mean? Does it mean acting a particular way? Does it mean looking physically well such as having the ability to do anything with the use of two hands. There is no specific guide on how to act normal in today’s society. Be yourself. That’s all. That’s my definition of being normal. I feel like everyone is normal just in different ways. Abled or disabled, we are all capable of doing everything that we want to do. It is just that disabled people, like myself, have to compensate for our weaker limbs. But it’s possible. Most definitely. I don’t understand why some people think that people who have cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or any other physical or mental medical conditions are not normal when in all actuality they are. I say all the time being perfect is boring but being unique is beautiful. I don’t think that having epilepsy or cerebral palsy should make anyone feel less normal than they already are.

Surely, in the past, I had my times where my self- esteem was very low. I didn’t feel like I belonged. But that’s the past. The way I feel now is waaayyy different. I like who I am. I think you should to. Cerebral palsy and epilepsy is a part of my life but it is not something that I am gonna let run my life. Hell no!!!! It is always going to be a challenge having two neurological conditions. My seizures have made me sick and dizzy. My cerebral palsy always put me through a difficult challenge but a worthwhile challenge. Every now and then, I have to deal with, “What’s wrong with your hand? Why is it always in a fist?” or let’s put this one on for size, “Do you drop to the floor and shake uncontrollably with your seizures?” and I have to form in my mind an explanation of my disabilities. But I handle it the best I can… calmly and gracefully. I don’t want anyone to exclude me because of my medical conditions but I also don’t want them to look past them and think that I am capable of doing EVERYTHING that two handed people can do with one hand. I am just giving it to you one hundred. It’s been a blessing living the life that I have and I think everyone that is just like me is special.

I love you all.

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