Energy… For Once

For once since I had my surgery, my energy levels are getting a WHOLE lot better. I feel invincible. Like I can do anything that I want to do. I actually feel like the old H. McCollom is back and she is going to conquer anything that she sets her mind to. Yeeesss, honey. I will and I am. With this newfound energy that I have, I am going to set goals for myself regarding my epilepsy and cerebral palsy. I am going to start exercising my hand and foot more. Just to keep it loose and limber. I always found it difficult to stick to exercising my stiff and spastic muscles. It was too much for me. I think it is about time that I start putting more time and energy into it. How else am I going to be able to move my fingers? In addition, I am going to begin wearing a brace on my arm and utilizing a ball to keep my hand open at all times. I do not want my hand to be in the same position as it always is… fisted. No way. Not on my watch. So, let’s get it on and poppin’.

In regards to my epilepsy, my goal is to stay as stress- free as possible and stay away from extremely loud noises. Those are my triggers. I hope nothing like that happens. I have been feeling kind of funny lately as if I am going to have a seizure but nothing has occurred yet. This week, I will be celebrating my dad’s birthday and I am going to enjoy the time that I spend with him and the rest of my family. Turn up!!!!

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